The strength you perceive on treading the ground. The light its landscapes transmit. The colors reflected by its vineyards. The beauty in the details and simple shapes. The new Neosens collection presents us with stretch fabrics, sporty trends and double-faced leathers.

On this occasion, the winery Marqués de Cáceres, set in the small town of Cenicero, in La Rioja, has served as an inspirational backdrop for this collection out of which a line has been created with its name. La Rioja, the land with the name of wine: freshness, authenticity and artisan. Attributes which Neosens projects into the manufacture of their footwear the way Marqués de Cáceres does with their wines.

Stretch materials, like lycra, adapt shoes to your feet, achieving perfect comfort and flexibility. The sporty trend is represented by the Sumoll and Picudo lines. Style and personality where the platforms and sport soles will give you versatile avant-garde looks. Models manufacture with double-faced leather showing clean silhouettes where you can see the leather’s own quality both front and back; great attention is paid to the neatness of their finishes.

Footwear inspired by La Rioja nature, in its romantic airs, vineyards and light. Marqués de Cáceres has become the connection point with Neosens to achieve exclusive footwear. Neosens: Original shoes from La Rioja.


Au cœur de La Rioja, en Espagne, nous avons découvert la cave Marqués de Cáceres. Neosens se laisse séduire par son alliance entre tradition et modernité, en s’inspirant des cuves en acier inoxydable et des tonneaux où le vin repose traditionnellement. Élégance, féminité et avant-garde sont reflétées dans chaque modèle de cette passionnante collaboration.




Avenida De Fuenmayor Nº 11
26350 Cenicero
La Rioja

Present in more than 120 countries, Marqués de Cáceres offers a wine to enjoy and share

At least five generations linked to wine forged the family spirit of Marqués de Cáceres. Enrique Forner, who founded the winery in 1970, learnt the wine trade from his father, who in turn had learnt from his father and grandfather (‘Wine producer Forner’), interrupted in Spain by a period of exile during the Civil War. Cristina Forner, his daughter, key to the internationalisation of Marqués de Cáceres, manages the winery with the pride and experience of one of the great Spanish families for which high-quality wine has never known boundaries, Marqués de Cáceres wines being present in over 120 countries.

A deep conviction in the ideas assimilated by Enrique Forner in France and transferred to La Rioja from 1970 onwards, means that they continue to be the pillars on which Cristina Forner rests Marqués de Cáceres. A spirit based on the production of high-quality wines, that is continually evolving with an established policy of investing in technology and innovation, but indifferent to the passing fashions which distort winemaking from time to time and lose sight of the fundamental objective of this business: offering the consumer a wine that they can enjoy and share with their friends and loved ones, as seamlessly and consistently as the history of Marqués de Cáceres.