1. What is Kiala?

    Kiala is a courier service network belonging to UPS with delivery points all over Europe. Shops, restaurants, newsstands, etc. All types of establishment are associated with Kiala.

    This means shoppers can send their orders to one of these establishments instead of sending them to their home and collect them any day of the week, with more flexible times.


  2. How does it work?

    Step 1 : When you place your order using our website, select the Kiala delivery point that is most convenient for you.

    Step 2 : Wait for Kiala to notify you of the arrival of your shipment before going to your Kiala point.
    A message from Kiala (an SMS, an e-mail or a message by telephone) guarantees that your package has been correctly delivered to your Kiala Point.

    Step 3 : Go to your Kiala point and show the staff your ID card. You will receive your order straight away.


  3. What are the advantages of this delivery system?

    - Cheaper.

    - More convenient.It allows you to send your order to an establishment near your home, with longer opening hours and with the knowledge there will always be someone there to receive it.


  4. Order tracking

    To find out what stage your order is at, click here and enter your tracking number. This will tell you the status of your order.