Neosens’ values, Natural-High Quality-Comfort- Elegance, could only be boosted evoking the soul of the brand. This natural process inspires us, and leads us to get the collection which is more elaborated, personal and genuinely handcrafted.

COMFORT and elegance are core values for every model since the beginning of the brand. These attributes are reflected on the different types of our footwear constructions, such as Good Year Flexible, Integral or Lasted over anatomical insoles. The removable insole which increases the comfort of the models.

Furthermore, ELEGANCE is reflected in the quality of our natural materials, brushed finished, polished leathers or details such as laser engravings and also in the different styles, romantic, original, elegant or natural.



It is a mixed type of footwear construction. The front part of the shoe is ‘integral’ stitched and the back part is lasting. Thanks to this construction the front of the shoe keeps better the shape of the last, providing more comfort and improving the cushioning.


The Flexible Goodyear stitched is one of the best footwear manufacturing processes. This construction provides great comfort and foot care. It is a guarantee of handcrafted work.

This type of footwear construction consists of a first stitched that fix the shoe upper and the welt, and a second stitched that fix the welt and the sole. In this process we remove an intermediate layer to provide a higher level of flexibility and comfort. This type of construction allows the welt protect the shoe, making it unbreakable. For this reason, this type of construction is used for military footwear.


We use first quality materials which are tested in our laboratory and have passed strict durability controls.

Naturalness and high quality are values reflected in the selection of the materials and the way they are treated. Natural materials such as wood and leather shape our heels while leather welts and soles provide singularity and authenticity.


Our leathers are hydrofuged, attribute that makes the surface of the leather more water-resistant. These leathers have ‘soul’ as they have been treated with high quality oils and greases. This process makes the raw material of the leather visible and permanent over time.


The finishing process of the leather involves creams and brushing. A long treatment of the leather is necessary to get the perfect finished. Thanks to the different brushing with different intensity we get a personal and unique finished for our collection.


Six new fantasy leathers are presented in this collection, providing a distinctive and sophisticated touch to the models.


The lining is 100% natural, elastic by nature; it follows the natural movement of the foot.

The leather absorbs moisture given off by the skin and thus helps keep the foot dry inside the shoe.


Removable insole, made with a special technical material which provides an extra comfort. It is a memory shoe insole as it recovers its original shape after use and do not deform.

The removable insole is one of the distinctive features of our collection that brings an extra quality value to the brand.


The maintenance kit of Neosens consists of a special cream for our leathers care and a little sponge to spread the product evenly.

In order to understand better the needs of our leathers there is a small text explaining how to use the product.